Family Law

Family Law comprises the largest portion of the firm's practice.  This includes surrogacy, adoption, divorce, child custody, paternity and related areas.


Harrison & Dietz-Kilen provides a full range of surrogacy legal services, from negotiating and writing the contract between the gestational carrier and the intended parents, to finalizing the court documents that place the names of the intended parents on the child's birth certificate.


Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has pioneered the evolution of adoption law, including assisting same-sex couples legalize their joint parentage through adoption.  The firm also has more than two decades of experience with international, private, agency and DHS adoptions.

Dissolution of Marriage

For over two decades, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has strived to help clients move from a current, dysfunctional relationship to a new and healthier state that meets their unique needs.  The firm provides a robust defense of our client's rights, while always keeping the focus on the best interests of any children involved.

Child Custody

For more than twenty years, the attorneys of Harrison & Dietz-Kilen have helped parents and children establish appropriate legal custody and physical care in cases involving divorce, modification or paternity.  


For two decades, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has helped unmarried parents of children establish legal relationships with and responsibilities for their children.  This includes visitation, child support and medical support.

Guardian Ad Litem

For over twenty (20) years, the attorneys of Harrison & Dietz-Kilen have accepted appointments to serve as Guardians Ad litem to protect the best interests of children, elders or anyone else who is unable to protect their own best interests.

Real Estate

For over twenty (20) years, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has represented clients in both residential and commercial real estate transactions, including negotiation and preparation of lease agreements, and negotiation and preparation of documents for the purchase and/or sale of real estate.  While Harrison & Dietz-Kilen does not provide loan-closing services, we are happy to refer you to our colleagues for this service.

In addition, we represent clients in disputed real estate matters, including residential or agricultural boundary disputes and quiet title actions.

Guardianships and Conservatorship

For over twenty (20) years, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has assisted clients in petitioning the court for guardianship and/or conservatorship of minor children, when parents are unavailable or unable to care for the child, or for adults who are unable to provide for their own care and/or handle their business and financial affairs.  Our representation focuses on the unique needs of each client and their family and is geared toward ensuring the needs of our clients are met while also looking out for each client’s best interests.

We also represent interested parties in disputed matters related to the establishment of guardianships and/or conservatorships.

Probate and Estate Settlement

For over twenty (20) years, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has assisted clients with all aspects of settling a deceased person’s affairs, and strives to facilitate a smooth transition during what is often a difficult time for surviving family and friends.  This includes probate administration, small estate settlement by affidavit, trust settlement, and general consultation on all related matters.

We also represent clients in disputed matters related to the settlement of estates, including will contest and representation of individual estate beneficiaries.

Juvenile Law

Having your children removed from your care by the Department of Human Services can be an overwhelming experience.  For over twenty (20) years, the attorneys of Harrison & Dietz-Kilen have represented both parents and children in Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) and Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases involving the Department of Human Services.

In addition to CINA cases, our attorneys also represent youth charged with juvenile delinquencies.  Juvenile delinquency charges are charges that would be considered criminal acts if the youth was an adult and can have lifelong implications for the youth.

Estate Planning

For over twenty (20) years, Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has worked with clients to meet their individual estate planning needs and goals.  This may include planning for potential disability; for final disposition of assets; for the care and support of minor children or other family members; and tax planning. 

We utilize a variety of tools, including Wills, Powers of Attorney and trusts, including testamentary, revocable and special needs trusts.

Elder Law

This area of practice focuses specifically on legal matters facing aging individuals and their families, including Medicaid eligibility and long-term care planning; guardianships and conservatorships; and estate planning.  Harrison & Dietz-Kilen has over two decades of experience in this area of practice.

The attorneys at Harrison & Dietz-Kilen also accept court appointments to serve as Guardians ad Litem to protect the interests of individuals, including elderly individuals who may be suffering from dementia or other debilitating conditions.


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